A comprehensive diagnosis designed to help you understand your child’s abilities

A multidimensional diagnosis to help you understand your children’s abilities, skills and knowledge acquisition, identify academic and non-academic issues and determine the most suitable school and curriculum for them. 

Parents wish for children’s academic success. However, it is not always easy for them to recognize children’s aptitudes and strengths. Furthermore, parents may struggle with obtaining information to make the best possible decisions. BeGo has designed a comprehensive diagnosis to help them make their decisions.

BeGo’s Comprehensive Diagnosis consists of 3 parts: an assessment of students’ abilities, an analysis of students’ compatibility with popular curricula (ex: IB, AP, A-Level) and an admission mapping proposal. The information gathered while conducting the Comprehensive Diagnosis enables us to assist you to make decisions about your children’s future and to support their development. 


BeGo’s Comprehensive Diagnosis Components:
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