A customized plan that helps you with your education and future success

BeGo’s Individualized Development Plan (IDP) is a bespoke plan supporting you with application to your ideal school.

Applying to your dream school can be difficult and daunting. BeGo’s IDP aims to support you by breaking down the end goal with short-term, step-by-step and achievable small goals. We are there to ensure that your application goes as smoothly as possible by monitoring deadlines. We provide professional advice on how you can better your portfolio and increase your chance of acceptance. We train students in interviewing and personal statement writing.

If you are uncertain of which schools would best suit your child, we provide informed and professional advice after conducting a thorough analysis of diagnosis results and a full consultation to understand your family situation, preference, thoughts on your child’s education as well as details about your child. Thus, ensuring that you can provide your child with the best possible education.

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